Seasonal Calendar

I designed and illustrate a seasonal calendar which gives you a fast and uncomplicated overview when which fruit or vegetable has it's season and should be bought best. You can learn more about it and also download the highres file here in my blog: VEGGI LOVE

Zammg'fasst Coporate Identity

I made the coporate identity for a contemporary wedding and event cinematographer and photographer.

Book Design "Luftsprünge"

I designed the interior and the book cover of the anthology "Luftsprünge" for the german publishing house dtv.


I designed the programm pamphlets of the ESG Augsburg for a couple of years now. It always includes creating a cover design for the small booklet, making black and white illustrations for the main subjects and fitting the whole content into the layout.

In spring 2017 completely I redesigned the ESG pamphlet. It now works as a flyer. Here is the new design and some of the illustrations I did:

Tablet exhibition Webcomics

For an interactive exhibition about webcomics during the comicfestival in Munich 2015 I designed a presentation that was shown on tablets all over the exhibition room. If you are interested (and can read German) you can have a look at the whole presentation here.

Catalogue design for a comic exhibition

The "Gestrandet & Verwurzelt" comic workshop took place in Munich in Mai 2015. I designed the catalogue that explained the concepts of the different comic stories to the viewers of the exhibition, where we showcased our work. The whole catalogue is online here, if you are interested.


I also design flyers for different clients and projects.


I am an illustrator by heart so my logo designs are usually more o the quirky side and have an illustrativ aspect to them.

Oktoberfest Hearts

Thise hearts have been designed for a boot at the Oktoberfest in Munich 2013.

I'm available as a book cover designer!

If you have a book project that you need a cover for you are definitely in the right place. I already have a lot of experience as a book cover designer and would love to work with you on your project. Visit the book cover section of my website and if you like what you see, just write me an eMail to kathi.neto(at) and let's talk about your project.

I'm also available for other design work like CD covers, flyers, Logos and so on. Here is my design portfolio.

I'm available as an illustrator!

I mostly work as a children's book illustrator but I also have experience in editorial illustration, pattern design and other fields of illustration. This website presents a huge part of my work, so please have a look around.

Various illustrations
Various illustrations
Commissioned illustrations
Commissioned illustrations

And I love to draw comics!

You might have stubled across my page because of one of my comic projects. So if you are here to read comics follow the links:

Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"