Nelly & Pepe

"Nelly & Pepe - Alles wegen Pepe" is a fully illustrated book for children ath the ag of 9 to 12 by Regine Umbach. I did overall around 40 illustrations for it and it was a lot of fun. I really really love to illustrate books for children that age. And the story Regine created is full of great ideas, fun and suspense. The book is available here.

I did a lot of color illustrations for the book and for the online marketing, but the illustrations in the book are greyscale.

Apollonia the Tooth Fairy

I did a couple of Illustrations for the Book "Apollonia the Tooth Fairy" by Marie-Anne Ernst. The book is available here.

Fatum - The mysterious path

"FATUM - the mysterious path" is a children's fantasy e-novel by author Maya Gee Lav. I did the illustrations for it. Ther are 15 all in all, one colored for the cover and 14 in greyscale. It was so much fun to work on this project and it would be so good if I could do more like this. Sadly the book is only aviable in German at the moment but if you're anyway interested to learn more about the story, please follow the links:

Facebook Fanpage


Happy Hippie Mum

I was commissioned to create the banner illustration for the blog

Südtirols Süden

I created an illustration for the public relations agency Hansmann PR. They planned a really original mailing and needed someone who created the packaging.


I already worked quite a bit for the communications agency band.david. Some of the illustrations have been created during my internship there, some later as a freelance illustrator.


I illustrated a couple of pages for the student's magazine of the university Augsburg named "Presstige".

I'm available as a book cover designer!

If you have a book project that you need a cover for you are definitely in the right place. I already have a lot of experience as a book cover designer and would love to work with you on your project. Visit the book cover section of my website and if you like what you see, just write me an eMail to kathi.neto(at) and let's talk about your project.

I'm also available for other design work like CD covers, flyers, Logos and so on. Here is my design portfolio.

I'm available as an illustrator!

I mostly work as a children's book illustrator but I also have experience in editorial illustration, pattern design and other fields of illustration. This website presents a huge part of my work, so please have a look around.

Various illustrations
Various illustrations
Commissioned illustrations
Commissioned illustrations

And I love to draw comics!

You might have stubled across my page because of one of my comic projects. So if you are here to read comics follow the links:

Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"