I love to develope illustrative patterns and were able to use them in all kinds of projects. What I like about patterns is, that beside the simple decorative use of course, you can create a very special graphic impact on the viewer that pulls him into the details of the pattern.

Mini Me Matrjoschkas

This series of Matrjoschka puppets has also been created for an exhibition. The wooden figures are painted with acrylic colors. All five were sold together at the exhibition opening day which made me extremely happy.

Tell it through a Flower

32 crazy plants in 32 days! Colored in Photoshop & Paint Tool Sai. You can buy them as a poster on Society6.

24 small joys

My illustrated advent calendar for December 2014.

The Water Mirror

I did my bachelor's project at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg in the subject of Illustration. The  practical task, I chose myself, was to illustrate the first book of the trilogy „The Water Mirror“ by the german writer Kai  Meyer. It‘s a Fantasy novel foryoung adults and takes part in Venice.

Patterns & Elements

The first illustrativ elements are the nine different motivs which guide the reader into each of the nine chapters of the book. Their task is to seperate the chapters optically. I chose motivs, that sum up the following chapters.

Characters & Initials

Before I started to draw the time consuming, narrative illustrations, did I design all the characters of the first book and made Initials for the chapters.

Covers & Creatures

I decided to illustrate all three covers of the trilogy to get a nice feeling, how the whole series could llook like. I chose the portraits of the main characters with strong eyes and a clear, graphic composition, to pull the reader immediately into the book‘s world. You can see on the backcovers the three mystical creatures which are also very important for the storyline.

Story & Action

For each of the nine chapters did I draw one of the key scenes (only the 4th chapter got two because of it‘s lengh). The illustrations give a small insight in the storyline. All of them are very action based which illustrates the pace of the book very well. Beside the page filling narrative illustrations, is the book also filled with smaller vignettes which don‘t tell much of the story but support the mood of the book.

I'm available as a book cover designer!

If you have a book project that you need a cover for you are definitely in the right place. I already have a lot of experience as a book cover designer and would love to work with you on your project. Visit the book cover section of my website and if you like what you see, just write me an eMail to kathi.neto(at) and let's talk about your project.

I'm also available for other design work like CD covers, flyers, Logos and so on. Here is my design portfolio.

I'm available as an illustrator!

I mostly work as a children's book illustrator but I also have experience in editorial illustration, pattern design and other fields of illustration. This website presents a huge part of my work, so please have a look around.

Various illustrations
Various illustrations
Commissioned illustrations
Commissioned illustrations

And I love to draw comics!

You might have stubled across my page because of one of my comic projects. So if you are here to read comics follow the links:

Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"