Circus (Pulex) Irritans

In May 2016 I was able to publish my first comic book at the German publishing house "Schwarzer Turm". Before that, "Circus Pulex Irritans" was a webcomic project, that kept me busy for over two years. You can read the whole thing in German on the "Circus Pulex Irritans"-Website. The comic is also available in English at Taptastic If you like, what you read, then it would be awesome, if you could visit the webstore of "Schwarzer Turm" and order a copy to support me and my comics :)

The Taming of the inner Pig

I ALREADY WORK ON MY ONGOING SERIES OF INNER PIG COMICSTRIPS FOR QUITE A WHILE. They illustrate all the quirks of life that happen to me and probably also to many other people out there. You can read all the strips so far on the "The Taming of the inner Pig"-Website. Here you can only read some of my favorites.

Sign Language

I DREW THIS COMIC FOR THE SUBJECT "THE MEANING OF LIFE". My father died a couple of moths before and I tried to put all my feelings in this small comic story without using words. I won the first price in the comic competition of the Mohrvilla in Munich in 2012, doped with 700€, with this comic.

 It has been published in the anthology „JAZAM! - Comic Clash, der Sinn des Lebens“, Publisher: Baur/Simon Gbr, 2012. which can be ordered here.

Nimetön Kansio

"NIMETÖN KANSIO" (THAT MEANS "EMPTY FOLDER" IN FINNISH) is the documentation of my exchange Semester in Rovaniemi the capital of Lappland. I drew a small, four panel comic (almost) every day, to hold on to all the wonderful and sometimes strange things that happened to me there.

Pages from various projects


IF YOU LIKE MY COMIC WORK you can find here a list of my comic publications so far. A lot of my comics have been published in german independent anthologies so please check the links out to learn more about those great projects.

16 pages
In the anthology „MangaSpot“, Ausgabe 2
self publication, 2006

16 Seiten
In the anthology „Ferne Welten, Girls Next Door“
Publisher Planet Manga, 2005
Fourth price at the competition

„The Golem“
16 Pages
In the anthology „Paper Theatre“, Volume 2
Publisher Schwarzer Turm, 2006

„The magic pipe after W.A.Mozart“
64 pages
From the series „Manga meets Klassik“, Volume 1
Created in collaboration with Emma Gottmann, Jennifer O‘Brian, Evi Poxleitner, Samar Ertsey and Karin Windorfer. Gloor Publishing, 2006
ICOM-Price in the category „notable
Comic publication“ 2007


8 Pages
In the anthology „JAZAM!“, Volume 5
Publisher Baur/Simon Gbr, 2010


7 Pages
In the anthology „Strichnin“, Volume 3
Hochschule Augsburg, 2011

5 Pages
In the anthology „JAZAM!“, Volume 6
Publishing Baur/Simon Gbr, 2011


„Sign Language“
5 Pages
In the anthology „JAZAM! - Comic Clash“
Publishing Baur/Simon Gbr, 2012
I also won the first price in the comic competition of the Mohrvilla in Munich in 2012 with this comic.


„The taming of the inner pig“
Comicstrips and Editorial-Illustration
in the anthology „Strichnin“, Volume 4
Hochschule Augsburg, 2012

„True Colors“
5 Pages
Exhibited in the travelling exhibition of the „Gramic Award“ to the subject „tolerance“ started in the Marcus church in Munich.


4 Pages
In the anthology "Strichnin", Volume 5

Hochschule Augsburg, 2014


„Aluap and Xilef“
6 Pages

In the anthology „JAZAM!“, Volume 9
Publisher Baur/Simon Gbr, 2014


4 Pages

In the anthology „JAZAM!“, Volume 10
Publisher Baur/Simon Gbr, 2015


„In our middle“
8 Pages

For the comic workshop "Gestrandet & Verwurzelt" 2015 in the house of Literature Munich. Exhibited during the Comicfestival Munich 2015


Guppies in the tummy“
11 Pages

Together with Sarah Stowasser and Yinfinity.

More about the project in my blog.


Bärhard the Hero"

4 Pages

In the anthology „JAZAM!“, Volume 10
Publisher Baur/Simon Gbr, 2015


Circus Irritans"

104 Pages

Publisher Schwarzer Turm, 2016

Buy your copy here


North Sudan"

6 Pages

In the anthology "Comic Culture Clash", 2016

Even more

WAIT, YOU STILL DON'T HAVE ENOUGH OF MY COMIC STUFF? Then please check out the "comic" tag in my blog, there you can find all my doodled travelling strips,

(sadly not always successful) 24h comics and much more: Comics@Flowerprinthat

I'm available as a book cover designer!

If you have a book project that you need a cover for you are definitely in the right place. I already have a lot of experience as a book cover designer and would love to work with you on your project. Visit the book cover section of my website and if you like what you see, just write me an eMail to kathi.neto(at) and let's talk about your project.

I'm also available for other design work like CD covers, flyers, Logos and so on. Here is my design portfolio.

I'm available as an illustrator!

I mostly work as a children's book illustrator but I also have experience in editorial illustration, pattern design and other fields of illustration. This website presents a huge part of my work, so please have a look around.

Various illustrations
Various illustrations
Commissioned illustrations
Commissioned illustrations

And I love to draw comics!

You might have stubled across my page because of one of my comic projects. So if you are here to read comics follow the links:

Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Link to buy my first comic book "Circus Irritans"
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Shortcut to the comic section of this website.
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"
Link to my comic strips "The Taming of the Inner Pig"